Black Monday Blues in Moscow

Dutch businessman Jeroen Ketting has been working in Moscow for 25 years. The sanctions of 2014 hit him hard. The new American sanctions, that were announced last Friday, consumed 12 percent of his budgeted turnover for 2018.

Jeroen Ketting gave speech at the RBK conference «It's Time for Moscow»

Jeroen Ketting gave speech at the RBK conference "It's Time for Moscow" organized in cooperation with Moscow government in the World Trade Center for representatives of Russian and foreign media.

Interview of Jeroen Ketting on the main Russian business channel RBK-TV

Jeroen Ketting participated in the program RBK: Vzglyad of the leading Russian business channel RBK-TV. The topic of the program was "The Netherlands - the main trade partner of Russia". Jeroen Ketting spoke about the trade relations between the Netherlands and Russia, defined main factors that h...

Rising importance of background checks on Russian beneficiaries of Dutch offshore trust structures

Last week the Russian Federal Tax Service obtained information on the end beneficiary behind the nominal director of a Dutch company via an official request to the Dutch authorities. The request concerned the tax claim to the company “Avtotor-Management”.  The Dutch authorities u...

Jeroen Ketting comments on the effects of the sanctions against Russia and the general economic situation in Russia

Jeroen Ketting gave his comments on the effects of the sanctions on the Russian economy and the Russian population to the Dutch BNR station. The full article can be found under the link. ...

New opportunities on the Russian market as a result of the EU-Russian sanctions

On July 31, 2014 the European Union introduced sectorial sanctions against Russia, which were further expanded on September 12, 2014. The sanctions imply: Prohibition of any economic interaction with listed legal entities and individuals. Prohibition of export of ...

Lighthouse Russia participates in the Symposium: Exporting to Russia organized by Fedenex

On October 8, 2014 Lighthouse Russia participated in the Symposium: Exporting to Russia organized by Fenedex in Ermelo, the Netherlands. Jeroen Ketting was the moderator of the Plenary session of the Symposium and Anastasia Nazarenko made a presentation on the "Window of opportunity for Dutch bus...

Jeroen Ketting commented on the potential opportunities for the Dutch companies after the introduction of the Russian import sanctions

Jeroen Ketting commented on the potential opportunities for the Dutch companies after the introduction of the Russian import sanctions for the Dutch radio station BNR. You can listen to Jeroen's interview under the following 

Jeroen Ketting commented on the recently introduced sanctions

Jeroen Ketting commented on the recenetly introduced sanctions and the way they are viewed in Russia. You can watch Jeroen's interview under the following link and read the full article ...

Jeroen Ketting participated in a Dutch talk show on the subject of the EU sanctions towards Russia

Jeroen Ketting participated in a talk show on the subject of the EU sanctions towards Russia and how they will affect the Dutch-Russian trade relations. You can listen to the discusion by following the ...

Jeroen Ketting commented on the Russian-Dutch business relations at BNR

Jeroen Ketting commented on the Russian-Dutch business relations in the view of Russian-Ukranian crisis on the largest Dutch radiostation BNR. The interview is available via the link.

Jeroen Ketting commented on the Russian-Ukrainian gas conflict for the Dutch BNR radiostation

Jeroen Ketting, the founder and owner of Lighthouse, commented on the Russian-Ukrainian negotiations on the gas price and repayment of the debt and the potential implications for European consumers of the Russian gas for the Dutch radiostation BNR. You can listen to Jeroen's interview und...

Jeroen Ketting - author of the book "In the Mirror - Dutch people about Russia and Russians about the Netherlands"

A book "In the Mirror - Dutch people about Russia and Russians about the Netherlands" has been recently published in the framework of the Netherlands-Russia bilateral year. Jeroen Ketting is one of its authors.

Book publication: Russia and the Netherlands

On Wednesday 29 May at 16.00 the bilingual Dutch-Russian book In de spiegel – Nederlanders over Rusland en Russen over Nederland (“In the mirror – Dutch about Russia and Russians about the Netherlands”) was published and officially presented to the public at the Hermitage museum in Amsterdam. Jeroen Ketting is one of the 14 specialists that contributed to this book. At the official presentation two Russian and two Dutch writers that contributed to the book, talked about the Russian and Dutch stereotypes and tried to find out if the Dutch and the Russians really understand each other. 

VBT & DPA conference at the Belgian embassy in Moscow

Members from the VBT (The Association of Belgian Horticultural Cooperatives) and the DPA (Dutch Produce Association), representing the Dutch and Belgian fruit and vegetable sector, are bringing a visit to Russia from 27 May until 1 June 2013. 28 May a conference takes place at the Belgian embassy in Moscow. Jeroen Ketting will give a presentation here on Russian business culture and customs.

Meet the expert

On Thursday, May 16, 2013 Voka Mechelen organized 'Meet the expert': Russia. This formula allows entrepreneurs to discuss individual and confidential commercial matters with country-or region-experts, in this case Russia. In an individual interview one could submit his problem or question, show his product or clarify his services, and find out the opportunities on the Russian market for his company. The consults were provided by Jeroen Ketting. Please find further information on the Voka Mechelen website.   

Russian Business Days

From 15-17 May Hogeschool Rotterdam organized the Russian Business Days, an event devoted to business with and in Russia. Jeroen Ketting gave a presentation during the opening ceremony. There were a number of items on the event’s agenda: presentations of projects and research results carried out by the Dutch and Russian students for Dutch companies, lectures by guest speakers, lecturers from Russian partner universities and Rotterdam Business School, round table discussions with Dutch and Russian business partners, and a networking event in Russian style.

The Netherlands-Russia Business Meet

On 8 April the bilateral Netherlands-Russia year kicked off with the visit of President Vladimir Putin to the Netherlands. At the same time the Netherlands-Russia Business Meet (NRBM) took place in Amsterdam. The NRBM, organized in cooperation between the Dutch government, ING and KPMG, is one of the key events in the Netherlands in the economic program of the bilateral Netherlands-Russia year. It aims to enhance and intensify bilateral economic relations between Russia and the Netherlands and brings together businesspeople, entrepreneurs and public sector representatives from both countries. The program of this event included several parallel sessions. Jeroen Ketting participated in NRBM as moderator for the session "Innovation is our inspiration (Technology, Media & Telecom)".

Russia Intensive: Partners and contracts

On 28 March, Jeroen Ketting gave presentations during the workshop "Partners and contracts", part of the "Russia Intensive" series, organized by the Belgian Chamber of Commerce Voka Limburg. The workshop gave insights in finding and screening of potential Russian partners, negotiations and essential contractual issues, and also tips and tricks on this topics were provided. More information about the Russia Intensive series can be found on the website of Voka.

FD Crossing Continents; Opportunities in Russia and Poland

Crossing Continents is a series of debates organized by the Dutch newspaper Financieel Dagblad. In six series an exploration is made of the international expanding markets. The third edition of Crossing Continents focused on business opportunities in Russia and Poland. Which sectors are promising? But also attention to pitfalls and more involved in doing business in Russia and Poland.Jeroen Ketting was invited as one of the guest speakers and shared his knowledge and insights related to doing business in Russia.More information on the website of Financieel Dagblad

Russian market presented to Brazilian footwear manufacturers

The Brazilian Association of Footwear Manufacturers Abicalçados asked Lighthouse to perform a market research on the Russian footwear market. In January, Birgit von Oehsen and Anastasia Nazarenko traveled to Brazil to present the results of this market research to the members of Abicalçados. They presented the main market information and the best opportunities for Brazilians in Russia. The results of the market research were very well received. Cristian Schlindwein, Intelligence Unit Coordinator at Abicalçados indicated: "When we plan our entry to an international market, more important than having an extensive and detailed research is to know a partner who understands the market, works with safe information, has a very effective network and still, can prepare a clear and efficient study for your industry. That was the case of Abicalçados and Lighthouse in 2012/2013.By defining Russia as a priority market for the Brazilian Footwear Program,  our first challenge was to find the ideal partner to study the market. We have hired Lighthouse for structuring a study that supported the Brazilian footwear brands in the Russian market, and that has shown us that besides the very efficient team they had,  they could also maintain a high level of understanding of the sector and of the main demands of information of the market.At the beginning of the whole process, Lighthouse has done an excellent workshop for the Brazilian companies to understand and prepare better for the Russian market. Already at the end, beyond the delivery of the material, a new workshop was held to present the results of the study. The compliments from the entrepreneurs regarding the content itself demonstrated the quality of the job.The Lighthouse group and its team have this differential on understanding the need of their customers and excellence in service. Besides maintaining our working relationship, we recommend Lighthouse as an important partner for those interested in the Russian market." Please find a report of this presentation on the website of Abicalçados.

Business opportunities in Russia 2013

On 24 January, the Dutch NRCH organized the yearly Russian New Years reception. During this event Jeroen Ketting presented his presentation titled "Game changers in Russia 2013". Find here a report about this presentation, posted by HollandBizzRussia (in Dutch). Find here the presentation "Game changers in Russia 2013".

AEB cross cultural training

On 9 October Lighthouse provided, in cooperation with ElaN Languages, for the Association of European Businesses (AEB) a cross cultural training for expats living and working in Russia. Experience shows that, for a number of reasons, it takes a long time for foreign executives and managers to function effectively in Russia. Language is the most obvious barrier to successfully working and living in Russia. However, many other cultural differences are often underestimated. They play an equally or even more important role.  

Seminar Russia, Kazachstan and Belarus in Belgium

In the first week of October, VOKA, Flanders’ Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Belgium, organized the International Business Week 2012, in collaboration with Flanders Investment & Trade. During this week, seminars focused attention on a variety of countries and regions. On 2 October, "Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus” was in the spotlight. During this seminar, Jeroen Ketting shared his insights about doing business in Russia, gained from his many years of experience in this important trading partner.

IATTO forum Global Collaboration in Tallinn, Estonia

Jeroen Kettting was invited by the International Association of Trade Training Organizations (IATTO) to present about doing business in Russia on their annual forum, which this year was hold in Tallinn, Estonia from 12-14 September, 2012. IATTO organizes yearly a Forum on global trends where government representatives, trade organizations, companies, professors and trade training experts meet for networking and knowledge sharing. This year the theme of the Forum was "Global Collaboration". Subjects on the program were: main trends in global trade, virtual teams in different time-zones, new trade training initiatives, and inspiring trade globally.

Mercado Foco Russia (Focus on Russian Market) in Brazil

Upon invitation of Apex-Brasil on 29.08.12 Lighthouse gave a presentation about doing business in Russia at the seminar Mercado Foco Russia (Focus Market Russia) in Curitiba, Brazil. The presentation of Lighthouse was provided by Jeroen Ketting. Then Jeroen traveled to Novo Hamburgo to present for the Brazilian footwear branch Abicalçados. After he continued his journey to give a presentation to the members of the Brazilian Autoparts Manufacturers Association named Sindipeças.

Meeting international business clubs VOKA Antwerp

VOKA Chamber of Commerce Antwerp Waasland will organise a meeting for four international business clubs. Jeroen Ketting is invited for this event and will present "Doing business in Russia".

Individual consultations on doing business in Russia

In June 2012, several branches of the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce (CoC) organized a Consult Day Russia. On this day, Jeroen Ketting, Managing Director and Owner of Lighthouse Russia, was available for individual consultations with companies interested in doing business in Russia. During these consultations the participants received advice about their opportunities on the Russian market.

Seminar Logistics and Customs in Russia & CIS

On Thursday, 31-st of May a practical seminar-workshop was held, dedicated to relevant update with concern to current economical climate, Russia entering WTO, issues of Custom Union as well as real-life issues, companies are facing, when establishing operations in Russia, involving importing and custom-clearing of the goods.

Taiwanese organisation TMECCC organized forum on Doing business in Russia

The Economic Division of Taipei-Moscow Economic & Cultural Coordination Commission (TMECCC) organized a forum on Doing business in Russia. Jeroen Ketting was invited to present about this topic. Among the public were CEOs and managers of SME companies in various sectors, all from Taiwan.

Presentation in Singapore about Doing Business in Russia

Jeroen Ketting presented his insights at the seminar Doing Business in Russia organised by International Enterprise Singapore. During the seminar, participants could sign up for 1-to-1 business clinics with Jeroen Ketting. Please find here the programme of the seminar of find out more on the website of IE Singapore.

Consultday Russia at the event NBI Expo 2012

On 6 March, Jeroen Ketting provided consultations about doing business in Russia, organised by CoC Brabant at the NBI Expo event.

Lighthouse Trade Advisor for Russia

As per 1 October 2011 Lighthouse has been appointed Trade Advisor for Russia on behalf of the regional economic development agency Invest Northern Ireland.

New Year's reception and EE workshop, 27 January 2010 in Rotterdam

Lighthouse, in cooperation with the Netherlands Council for Trade Promotion (NCH), the Central and Eastern European Trade Club (COETC), the Chamber of Commerce Rotterdam and Russia Travel, organizes a New Year's reception in Rotterdam on 27 January 2010. During this reception, Jeroen Ketting of L...

Anniversary of the Center for Curative Pedagogics

The Center for Curative Pedagogics (CCP), one of the first charity organizations in Russia, celebrates its 20th anniversary on 24 November. Lighthouse would like to congratulate the staff of the CCP with its anniversary. We wish the CCP and all its staff success and prosperity in its noble work w...

Seminar on doing business in Russia, Hasselt (Belgium) on 23 November 2009

The Chamber of Commerce of Limburg, Belgium will organize a seminar on formalities, payments and transport in Russia. This seminar will take place on Monday 23 November 2009 at the Chamber of Commerce in Hasselt. Jeroen Ketting, owner and managing director of Lighthouse, will give a presentation ...

Special offer to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Lighthouse

This autumn we celebrate the 10th anniversary of Lighthouse and therefore a special offer: if you buy a package of helpdesk hours before the 1st of December, we offer you extra hours free of charge. More information can be found

New service for Dutch Trust offices

Dutch government regulations for Trust offices require that providers of Trust services check and verify the identity of their (potential) relations and their ultimate beneficiaries. Lighthouse, in cooperation with Confiad (a compliancy consultancy firm for Trust offices), offers assistance to Du...

Individual consults on doing business in Russia, Breda, 14 October

On 14 October 2009, Lighthouse and the Chamber of Commerce of the Southwestern Netherlands will organize a consult day on doing business in Russia. On this day, Jeroen Ketting, Managing Director and Owner of Lighthouse, will be available for individual consults with companies interested in doing ...

Master class “Doing business in Russia: cultural challenges” for the Caviar Rouge project, 20 October, Eindhoven

On 20 October 2009, Jeroen Ketting, owner and managing director of Lighthouse, will give a master class on "Doing business in Russia: cultural challenges" during the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven. The master class is part of the "Caviar Rouge" project, which is on the official program of the Dut...

Individual consults on doing business in Russia, 10 June in Utrecht

On 10 June 2009, the Chamber of Commerce Central Netherlands organizes a Consult Day Russia in Utrecht. On this day, Jeroen Ketting, Managing Director and Owner of Lighthouse, will be available for individual consults with companies interested in doing business in Russia. For more informa...

Seminar 'Selling on the Russian Market', 28 May 2009 in Ghent, Belgium

Jeroen Ketting, Founder and Managing Director of Lighthouse, will give a presentation during the seminar 'Selling on the Russian Market', organized by the Eastern Flanders' Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The seminar will take place in Ghent, Belgium on Thursday 28 May from 15:00 to 18:00. ...

The Center for Curative Pedagogics has installed a new heat meter

The Center for Curative Pedagogics has installed a new heat meter in its building, which was partly financed by a contribution from Lighthouse. Please follow this link to find out more about the Center and its activiti...