Lighthouse Russia participates in the Symposium: Exporting to Russia organized by Fedenex

Wednesday 15 October 2014

On October 8, 2014 Lighthouse Russia participated in the Symposium: Exporting to Russia organized by Fenedex in Ermelo, the Netherlands. Jeroen Ketting was the moderator of the Plenary session of the Symposium and Anastasia Nazarenko made a presentation on the "Window of opportunity for Dutch businesses in the new Russian reality". The presentation can be found under the following link. PDF

The main topic of the event was the current geopolitical and economic situation in Russia, the EU and US sanctions and the Russian counter sanctions (foodstuffs boycott). The speakers at the plenary session and Jeroen Ketting discussed how to deal with the sanctions and continue operations in Russia as well as what new opportunities arise for Dutch companies in the new Russian reality. The plenary session was followed by four workshops on Logistics and importing goods into Russia, contract issues in Russia, export compliance and Russian business culture.

Lighthouse Russia would like to thank Fenedex for the great organization of the event and for providing support to Dutch companies doing business in Russia.

For more infomation on how to deal with the trade sanctions and the business potential of your company in the new Russian reality please contact us at info@thelighthousegroup.ru or +7 495 9800979.  


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