Jeroen Ketting gave a speech to the Management Table Members at the Club De Witte in The Hague, The Nederlands

Thursday 4 February 2016

On 2nd February 2016 Jeroen Ketting gave a fascinating lecture called “Russia’s Silver Linings” at the established De Witte Club, an institution with over 200 years of history.  

The event brought together reputable civil servants, representatives of the business community, independent agents, scientists, diplomats, dignitaries of international organizations and representatives of transnational corporations.

The presentation addressed the current economic turmoil in Russia caused by the oil prices' nosedive, the Western sanctions and Russian boycott and the overall lack of reform. Under the motto “never waste a good crisis” Jeroen Ketting explained why he considers this turmoil to still provide opportunities for growth on the Russian market. As he put it in other words: “Bad is the new good”.

In his thesis Jeroen  answers  such questions as what the new economic  reality in Russia looks like, can one still do business in Russia, and what  should one do differently to have success in Russia as of now. In short, how to make sure to capitalize on the silver linings around the clouds hanging over the Russian economy.

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