AEB cross cultural training

Tuesday 9 October 2012

On 9 October Lighthouse provided, in cooperation with ElaN Languages, for the Association of European Businesses (AEB) a cross cultural training for expats living and working in Russia.

Experience shows that, for a number of reasons, it takes a long time for foreign executives and managers to function effectively in Russia. Language is the most obvious barrier to successfully working and living in Russia. However, many other cultural differences are often underestimated. They play an equally or even more important role.  
Some examples of these cultural differences are: a different approach to authority, the importance of personal relations, a different understanding of individual responsibility. In addition to cultural differences, there are many other unfamiliar issues that the foreign executive will have to deal with in Russia: bureaucracy, cumbersome administrative and legal procedures, difficulties in finding qualified staff, etc. The aim of the training is to help foreign entrepreneurs and managers to quickly adapt to the country and to organize their work and build relationships. 
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