Russian market presented to Brazilian footwear manufacturers

Friday 8 February 2013

The Brazilian Association of Footwear Manufacturers Abicalçados asked Lighthouse to perform a market research on the Russian footwear market. In January, Birgit von Oehsen and Anastasia Nazarenko traveled to Brazil to present the results of this market research to the members of Abicalçados. They presented the main market information and the best opportunities for Brazilians in Russia. The results of the market research were very well received.

Cristian Schlindwein, Intelligence Unit Coordinator at Abicalçados indicated:

"When we plan our entry to an international market, more important than having an extensive and detailed research is to know a partner who understands the market, works with safe information, has a very effective network and still, can prepare a clear and efficient study for your industry. That was the case of Abicalçados and Lighthouse in 2012/2013.
By defining Russia as a priority market for the Brazilian Footwear Program,  our first challenge was to find the ideal partner to study the market. We have hired Lighthouse for structuring a study that supported the Brazilian footwear brands in the Russian market, and that has shown us that besides the very efficient team they had,  they could also maintain a high level of understanding of the sector and of the main demands of information of the market.
At the beginning of the whole process, Lighthouse has done an excellent workshop for the Brazilian companies to understand and prepare better for the Russian market. Already at the end, beyond the delivery of the material, a new workshop was held to present the results of the study. The compliments from the entrepreneurs regarding the content itself demonstrated the quality of the job.
The Lighthouse group and its team have this differential on understanding the need of their customers and excellence in service. Besides maintaining our working relationship, we recommend Lighthouse as an important partner for those interested in the Russian market."

Please find a report of this presentation on the website of Abicalçados.

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