Agribusiness and food processing

Why the Russian agribusiness and food processing sector?

    1. Urgent investments in the entire value chain from production, processing, packaging storage, distribution and retail of food and beverages are required in Russia.
    2. The emergence of large vertically-integrated holdings combined with the government support program for the Russian agricultural sector has resulted in a wider availability of capital for investments.
    3. Russia is still to a large extent dependent on imports of equipment for the agricultural and food processing sector, as well as specific know-how.

    Some of the projects Lighthouse has been involved in include:

    1. The establishment of a modern veal farm in the Kaluga region. Find here more information about this project
    2. A feasibility study for the creation of agricultural production in the Smolensk region.
    3. The development, planning, design, supervision of construction, start-up and reaching the designed capacity of a modern dairy farm in the Tomsk region.
    4. A feasibility study for the development of a concept for an integrated approach to the whole vegetable and potato chain in the Altay region.
    5. A feasibility study for setting up agricultural production in the Kaluga region.
    6. Assistance with the establishment of the production of EU-level equipment for fish processing in the St. Petersburg region.
    7. A market survey of the Russian pig and poultry sector.