Industry and manufacturing

Why the Russian industrial and manufacturing sector?

  1. The Russian industrial and manufacturing sector suffers from years of underinvestment, outdated equipment and inefficient production.
  2. The economic revival of Russia in the past decade has been instrumental in causing a strong increase in investments in fixed capital in the sector.
  3. Russia relies to a large extent on the import of modern capital goods such as machinery for the industrial and manufacturing sector.

Some of the projects Lighthouse has been involved in include:

  1. Setting up the production of EIA listed helix-heat exchangers in Dzherzhinsk.
  2. Setting up the production of industrial cranes in the Moscow region.
  3. Assistance to one of the largest world-wide paper producers in identifying suitable production locations in the Moscow area.
  4. Staff search for a Dutch software company.
  5. Defining and executing a marketing strategy for a producer of industrial test tools.
  6. Individual matchmakings for a producer of airmotors and an environmental consultancy company.