Strategic advice and planning

Doing in business in Russia requires an approach that takes into account the specific circumstances of the Russian market and business culture. We provide our clients with strategic advice and planning. This allows our clients to do business in Russia successfully with less business risks and higher profit rates. 

Mediation and negotiation assistance

Our knowledge of both the Russian and Western way of doing business allows us to act as a mediator in business conflicts between Russian and Western parties. Also, we assist our clients during the negotiations with Russian clients, business partners and federal, regional and local governments.

Due Diligence

Our clients sometimes require Due Diligence on Russian business partners, clients or other Russian parties. Lighthouse offers Due Diligence services that assist our clients in acquiring a clearer understanding of the Russian parties they deal with.

Certification services

In Russia, only local norms are valid and only local certificates are recognized. International certificates (e.g. CE, ATEX) are not recognized by the Russian authorities. Lighthouse assists its clients in obtaining the required certificates.

Service for Dutch Trust offices

Dutch government regulations for Trust offices require that providers of Trust services check and verify the identity of their (potential) relations and their ultimate beneficiaries. Obtaining reliable information in Russia is not easy. Lighthouse, in cooperation with Confiad (a compliancy consultancy firm for Trust offices), offers assistance to Dutch Trust offices to obtain, evaluate and interpret information on Russian relations. 

Cross-Cultural Training

Experience shows that, for a number of reasons, it takes a long time for foreign executives and managers to function effectively in Russia. Lighthouse offers cross-cultural training that will give the course participants a level of knowledge and understanding that will otherwise be acquired after one or two years of work experience in Russia. This will allow course participants to function effectively from the moment they start working in Russia.