Market Entry

Lighthouse has extensive experience with assisting its clients in entering the Russian market. The Lighthouse approach is a combination of market research and partner selection, as well as assistance with practical issues through back office services.

Market research

Companies often lack the experience, manpower and time to collect relevant market information concerning Russian-speaking markets. However, such information is a crucial success factor in any market entry or expansion.

Lighthouse delivers concise, customized and to-the-point market information to its clients. This allows our clients to make a better informed decision regarding a market entry or an expansion of their activities.

Exhibition Follow-up

Companies often face problems in arranging a proper follow-up after participating in a trade exhibition in Russia. Company representatives return home with a pile of business cards and have no time to get in touch with all the potential partners. Lighthouse offers an Exhibition Follow-up program that overcomes these problems and gets the optimal result out of the participation in an exhibition.

Individual and collective matchmaking

Companies often face problems in establishing commercial presence on the Russian-speaking markets. Difficulties arise in finding a reliable partner and later in organizing and maintaining a successful cooperation. 

Lighthouse offers an Individual Matchmaking program to overcome these difficulties. This program is designed to reach the results that the client, without the involvement of Lighthouse, would at best reach after three or four visits to a Russian-speaking market. The program saves the client time and money and reduces potential business risks. 

In addition, Lighthouse has extensive experience in organizing Collective Matchmaking programs for participants of trade missions and collective visits to trade exhibitions. Find here a track record of the collective matchmaking programs organized by Lighthouse.

More information about the benefits of participating in trade missions can be found here.

Leads generation

Companies without sales personnel in Russia often face problems in starting up and developing their sales in Russia. Lighthouse offers the service of leads generation to overcome these problems. 

Lighthouse Business Helpdesk

Companies that consider starting on the Russian market or are in the process of starting up activities, are often in need of a reliable sparring partner that can help them with all kind of practical questions. To the Lighthouse Business Helpdesk companies can address for all their market related questions and also for practical advice on operational (start up) issues.

The Lighthouse Business Helpdesk gives solid support using the extensive knowledge of Lighthouse about the Russian market and its 10 years of practical experience with doing business in Russia. 

Back office

The setting up of a local office is a large investment. For those companies of which the returns on the Russian speaking markets do not merit this investment, Lighthouse can offer back office services. These services include:

  1. Temporary office space
  2. Meeting room facilities
  3. Translation services
  4. Secretarial services
  5. Business support (visa, hotels, transfers).